Obama Rolls Out High-Tech Initiative

President Obama seen with a university research center in Pittsburgh on Friday to announce a new partnership between the government, industries and colleges that are leading to speed the movement of technological advances to commercial users. The trip was the newest of the frequent journeys to battleground states to flaunt management efforts to create endeavors.

After touring the National Robotics Engineering Center at Carnegie Mellon University, a high technology centre adjacent to a rusted factory symbolic of the region’s industrial past, Mr. Obama said federal agencies would invest more than $500 million to seed the initiative. Of that, $70 million is to go like one he saw at the center made by a business started by a Carnegie Mellon professor to endeavors.

“We have found an all-hands-on-deck attempt between our funniest academic minds, a number of our boldest business leaders and also our most dedicated community servants out of technology and science agencies, with one large goal, and that’s actually a renaissance of American manufacturing,” Mr. Obama said in comments about approximately 150 people, including the enterprise’s co-chairmen, ” Andrew N. Liveris, the chief executive of the Dow Chemical Company, also Susan Hockfield, president of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Administration officials said that the initiative could be overseen by national agencies already busy in public-private partnerships, like the Department of Energy, also might rely on both the existing federal financing and money that Mr. Obama has requested from Congress. The new amount, however, reveals a little fraction of what the government already spends on research and innovation, and that has led to a number of the mass market services and products Mr. Obama mentioned here, like the Internet, cellphones and GPS navigation devices.