Coatings Holy Grail

Nanokote offers a range of permanent surface coatings for builders and architects offering environmentally friendly protection.

Concrete, more than any human-made material, has altered the way we build. Its tremendous strength and the independence to construct almost any contour creates endless structural possibilities from office facades and highway obstacles to industrial infrastructure and more.

Mineral compounds are the keystone of modern construction. Stone varieties including sandstone, granite, concrete, pavers, roof render, tiles and masonry surfaces are susceptible to moisture damage, leading to the corrosion of steel reinforcement, development that is alga and moss on exterior surfaces.

For sale in water or solvent base, Nanokote’s SOL variety of products are transparent and a single part, permeating nanotechnology impregnation coatings. The product uses molecular bonding to form a hydrophobic surface while still enabling the surface. Thehydrophobic surface texture is not going to be altered or make surfaces slippery which makes for an easy to preserve, self-cleaning process on treated porous mineral surfaces.

The surface coatings will also be capable to prolong the life and reduce care for substrates including:

  • Infrastructure concrete (roads, rail, ports, etc)
  • Glass such as balustrades, glass pool fences and shower screens
  • Ceramic sanitary ware and tiles
  • Textiles like that used in air filter media
  • Easy To clean, anti corrosion, anti-graffiti coating for a range of surfaces.

Nanotechnology Surface Coatings Applications

Uses for Nanokote’s surface coatings are many and varied including:

  • Anti Scratch and Anti finger print coatings for stainless steel
  • Anti Bacterial and Easy To Clean protection for cloths
  • Long-Term Easy for ceramics and glass
  • Anti Finger Print coatings for frosted glass including a wide selection of cosmetic colours

Nanokote can implement products on site or has program systems designed to apply online at point of manufacture. Nanokote brings the knowledge and experience from worldwide OEM references and case studies.

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