NanoMech To Develop Next- Generation Combat Uniforms

NanoMech announced it has won a contract to develop and evaluate the next generation U.S. Army protective equipment. If the patented nGuard nanotechnology coating can be successfully implemented then the new technology could be used for next generation Army Combat Uniform (ACU).

This multifunctional nanoengineered substance will deliver significant improvements to ACU textiles including quite advanced vector protection to guard (or safeguard) soldiers against vector-borne diseases like malaria, zika, etc. and anti-attractant against other infected arthropod species insects while keeping low toxicity and increased safety for the soldier. Through innovative substance science progress, the new generation battle uniforms will resist a broad range of flash flame and thermal threats while lightning the auxiliary load carried by the soldier, improving wearable comfort, and increasing cloth durability and breathability abilities. In addition to passive fire protection, nGuard® has exceptional antimicrobial activity to enhance resistance of soldiers against infectious bacteria /microbes and inhibiting human odor -causing bacteria to resist distraction, odour, and natural attractant for mosquitoes.

NGuard® is a cost effective protective additive and finish for a broad variety of textile fabricscotton, nylon, polyester, and combinations that are artificial. In particular, nGuard® is highly adaptive for materials and various modern cloths. NanoMech has created an original nano-engineered composite operational delivery system that combines proven metal-mineral complexes that are environment-friendly. This composite delivery vehicle supplies high effectiveness for antimicrobial, vector protection, and fire-resistant functionalities. Various use special chemistries of nGuard® platform are engineered using exceptional convergent construction procedures. NGuard® is a tested and durable product that can endure many wash cycles to continue offering high-performance.